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Lead For America’s Commitment to Financial Transparency and Public Disclosure Requirements 

At Lead For America we are committed to maintaining the highest level of financial transparency. We believe that open and honest communication about our financial practices is crucial to building trust and fostering strong relationships with our donors, supporters, and the general public. In line with our commitment to transparency, we are pleased to provide the following information regarding our financial operations: 

1. Financial Accountability: 

  • We are a registered nonprofit organization operating as a 501c(3) status. American Connection Corps is a program of Lead For America and shares LFA’s 501c(3) status, as well as a talented executive team overseeing financial and operational management. Our financial practices are governed by a dedicated board of directors who oversee the organization's financial affairs. 

  • We adhere to all relevant local, state, and federal laws and regulations, including those pertaining to nonprofit financial management and reporting. 

2. Financial Reporting: 

  • We prepare and publish comprehensive financial reports on an annual basis, providing an overview of our financial activities and statements. 

  • Our financial reports are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to ensure accuracy and consistency. 

  • These reports are available for public viewing on our website, or upon request. 

3. Revenue Sources: 

  • We rely on diverse sources of revenue to support our mission, including individual donations, grants, sponsorships, and fundraising events. 

  • We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical fundraising practices and will not engage in activities that compromise our mission or integrity. 

4. Allocation of Funds: 

  • We strive to allocate funds in a manner that maximizes our impact and aligns with our stated goals and objectives. 

  • Our financial resources are used to support our programs, initiatives, and administrative costs necessary for effective operation. 

  • We maintain sound financial management practices to ensure that funds are utilized responsibly and in the best interest of our mission. 

5. Governance and Oversight: 

  • Our board of directors provides oversight and guidance to ensure the proper management of our financial resources. 

  • We have established internal controls and policies to safeguard against fraud, conflicts of interest, and misuse of funds. 

  • An independent auditor conducts an annual audit of our financial statements to verify their accuracy and compliance with regulations. 

6. Donor Privacy and Confidentiality: 

  • We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our donors and do not disclose personal information without their consent, except where required by law. 

  • Donor information is securely stored and used solely for the purpose of processing donations, acknowledging contributions, and keeping donors informed about our activities. 

We believe that financial transparency is essential for maintaining the trust and confidence of our stakeholders. If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding our financial operations, please contact us at (919) 960-1041. We value your support and remain committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency and accountability in all that we do. 

Download our 990 form and audited financials here.

The Form 990 is used to report the organization's gross income from unrelated business activities and calculate the tax owed on that income. It includes information on the organization's revenue, expenses, deductions, and credits related to the unrelated business activities.  A charity must make Form 990 available for the three years beginning on the last day (including extensions) for filing the return. 

Health Care Transparency

Promoting transparency is essential in our commitment to empowering communities. We believe in providing access to comprehensive information that enables informed decisions. As part of this commitment, we invite you to explore United Health Care's transparency initiatives and learn more about their efforts to improve health care access and affordability.

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