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Lead for America

Lead For America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps veterans and the next generation of leaders return to their communities and become civic leaders. Since its founding in 2018, Lead For America has created more than 400 full-time public service Fellowships in 44 states.

The bridge between LFA and ACC

Lead For America’s Military Veterans Fellowship program and its American Connection Corps program are dedicated to building civic bridges, serving as two crucial pillars of transformational national service that are tackling
pressing challenges. 
Together, they pave a unified path towards community resilience and leadership excellence. One devoted to strengthening and empowering rural communities against adversities like brain drain and digital inequity, and the other focused on cultivating exceptional military leadership for influential civilian roles.
Lead For America is cultivating a stronger future by empowering communities and nurturing resilient leaders as they transition into civic roles, poised to shape our nation's destiny.

Project 1310

50 Marathons, 50,000 Push Ups, All 50 States.
1 Summer.

It is called Project 1310 because over the course of 50 marathons, Joe will be running a total of 1,310 miles. Each and every mile will be dedicated to a veteran or service member nominated by this community.
In each of the 50 states, Joe will be running the marathon and completing the push ups in an iconic location, from Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, to the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. and encouraging everyone to come out and walk or run a mile in honor of a veteran or service member who you know or admire. In each state, Joe and the crew will also be meeting and walking or running with local veterans groups and active military service members.
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