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The Lead For America Veterans Program, set to launch in the summer of 2024, is designed to support military veterans in becoming civic leaders in their communities. At its full cohort size, the Veterans Fellowship will select one veteran from each of the 50 states each year. Every veteran will have the opportunity to work with their Senator or Member of Congress in DC over the summer, before returning to their hometown or home state to work alongside the Governor, Mayor, or a CEO for a year.

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Capitol Building
Capitol Building


- 4 Week Summer Institute in Washington, DC. This will include the opportunity to work with a home state Senator or Member of Congress on a project, hear from distinguished speakers across the military, business, and government leadership, and build lifelong relationships with the other Veteran Fellows.
- 10 Month Executive Leadership Apprenticeship. Every Fellow will then be matched with an executive leader in their home state, such as the Governor, Mayor, or a CEO. For the rest of the year, the Veteran Fellow will work directly alongside the executive on a project of critical importance.

- Leadership Retreats. Throughout the year, Fellows will reconvene at quarterly retreats where they will learn about grand challenges facing the United States in the 21st century.
- Graduation & Leadership Launch. Finally, all Fellows will attend graduation in Washington, DC, where they will meet the incoming cohort of Fellows, and have the opportunity to pitch a network of government and business leaders on a venture or project they hope to pursue after the Fellowship.



- Summer 2024: Application Opens.

- December 2024: Application for 1st Cohort Closes.

- March 2025: Final Selections Made.

- April 2025: Cohort Announcement.

- July 2025: D.C. Summer Institute Begins.


- Demonstrated Leadership Ability. We are looking for candidates who are proven leaders. This means having taken on leadership responsibilities within your family, university, and unit, and having a proven track record of success.
- Civic Mindset. This program is specifically designed for veterans who want to continue a life of public service and civic leadership. While Fellows may aspire variously to business, government, or nonprofit leadership roles, all should be motivated by a continued spirit of service to country and community.

- Moral Force of Character. Many people are capable of rising the ranks to earn more power or responsibility. Fewer manage to do so while prioritizing integrity and personal courage. We are looking for candidates who do the right thing when no one is watching and who have received the highest possible recommendation from references.

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