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National Hometown Fellowship

LFA Fellows are the leadership force we need to address our nation's most critical challenges, starting at the local level

Prior to 2023-24, LFA’s flagship initiative was the Hometown Fellowship. Moving forward, we’ve captured the best portions of the Hometown Fellowship and consolidated our efforts into one signature AmeriCorps National program, the American Connection Corps.


Our country has rarely been more divided than it is today.


Over 75% of each party sees strong supporters from the opposite party as a “clear and present danger” to American democracy. Meanwhile, many communities that were once thriving are shrinking, and fighting for economic survival.


But with great challenges come great opportunities for progress and healing. It is during times of national dysfunction that a new generation of leadership, working at the local level, can spark reform and renewal.


At Lead For America, we believe that every community is worthy of investment. We believe that in order for any community to strengthen, it must have a bench of dedicated civic leaders who will do whatever it takes to move their home forward. And we know that incredible talent is born into every neighborhood. But too often, particularly in communities with the greatest challenges, the community’s greatest resource––its young people––are told success requires leaving and never coming back. The Lead For America Fellowship aims to be part of the solution by cultivating a leadership force of our nation’s most outstanding leaders, each committed to serving and building bridges in the places they call home, stitching our country back together one community at a time.


This begins with a full time, one-year AmeriCorps Service term (what is AmeriCorps?). Fellows are matched with a local nonprofit or local government that is addressing critical challenges facing their hometown or home state. This year serves as a launching pad for a lifetime of leadership and service to country and community. Check out the Fellow Roadmap below to learn more!

The Fellow Roadmap

Click on each button to learn more

Start your journey to becoming a public service leader for your community and our country by checking out the application process!

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Find the right host organization to develop a project scope that fits your interests and experience!

Attend LFA's 12-day pre-service training in Washington D.C. and continue to receive training throughout the Fellowship!


Begin your placement tackling a critical challenge facing the community you call home.

After conducting a listening tour, start your own project to address a critical challenge you have identified!

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From building life-long friendships with peers and mentors, to gaining access to graduate school scholarships, as an LFA Alumni you are ready to continue your leadership and service beyond the Fellowship!

Host Match
Comunity Venture
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