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Project 1310 | Episode 2: Hawaii

We arrived in Honolulu at midnight. From the first step onto the jet bridge, you could tell we were a world away from the Alaska tundra we left earlier that day. It was 20 degrees warmer and significantly more humid. Beyond the humidity, the other thing I immediately noticed was swelling in my feet and ankles. Foolishly, I had worn high tops to the airport after the marathon, had kept them on during the plane, and now was uncomfortable walking. Not good and won’t be making that mistake again.

I didn’t get to bed until 1:45 AM as I tried to map a route that would be easier for the crew to support by bike. 3 hours later, my alarm was blaring. Still feeling the marathon + 1000 push-ups from the day before, I knocked out 500 more before the crew members awoke.

By 6:00 AM, we headed towards Waikiki Beach for the start of the run. We aligned some early miles with a local park run, so it was a boost to have others join, as well as a local cross-country team. I was solid through 17 miles, but as so often is the case with the marathon, I was hurting by mile 20, especially as temperatures rose.

21 miles in, I ran by an Army museum and saw two older gentlemen outside. Both men served in Vietnam and had been stationed in Hawaii. It was a reunion of sorts. They loved Project 1310 but said their running days were long behind them, so we walked a mile instead. It struck me that this was really what the project is all about, and there will definitely be more planned walking events throughout the rest of the summer so that anyone can join.

Mile 23 I downed an entire Dairy Queen milkshake while on the go and shortly after, marathon #2 was done.

We ended at Pearl Harbor, the solemn site that remembers the 2,403 Americans who lost their lives that day and that led the U.S. to enter World War II.

By 2:30 PM, we were back at the airport. I knocked out the last of my 1,000 push ups in the food court and then had one last jog to the gate as final call rang through the intercom.

14 hours after arriving, we were off again. Up next? The hottest place in the entire country: Death Valley.


Time for Marathon + 1,000 Push Ups: 5 hours, 14 minutes.

Heart Rate: 152.

Temperature: 86 degrees.


Up next: Death Valley



Over the course of 50 marathons, Joe will be running a total of 1,310 miles. Each and every mile will be dedicated to a veteran or service member nominated by this community.


In each of the 50 states, Joe will be running the marathon and completing the push-ups in an iconic location, from Pearl Harbor in Hawaii to the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., and encouraging everyone to come out and walk or run a mile in honor of a veteran or service member who you know or admire. In each state, Joe and the crew will also be meeting and walking or running with local veterans groups and active military service members.


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